Nexus.CSGO vice-champions at I-eSF World Championship 2017

POSTED BY nxsklassen November 12, 2017 in eSports
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Unfortunately, our CS.GO team takes away only silver at IeSF World Championships 2017, after losing to  forZe from Russia 2-1 in the Grand Final (16-13 on Train, 10-16 on Mirage, and 16-10 on Cobblestone).

The grand final of the ~$18,000 tournament taking place in Busan, South Korea kicked off on Train where forZe lead 8-7 at halftime. The russians closed it out narrowly and won the first map 16-13, after a good comeback, turning things around from 13-11 for our boys.

Our guys were able to get seven rounds on the T-side of Mirage—the second map of the series. The boys finished it off on the CT-side in the second half and won the map 16-10, tying the series at 1-1.

The final map was Cobblestone (16-10) where the russians showed more composure and won the series. Overall the guys have achieved their target, (a top three placement) but coming home as champions would have been awesome.

Below you cand find the full standings and the prize pool:

1. Russia forZe – $8,988
2. Romania Nexus – $5,392
3. Korea MVP PK – $3,595
4. Sweden duttdutt
5-8. Finland HAVU
5-8. Australia Chiefs
5-8. China Eclipse
5-8. Israel Uniquestars
9-12. Azerbaijan FiRENATiON
9-12. Italy Forge
9-12. Switzerland Berzerk
9-12. Malaysia Fire Dragoon
13-16. Thailand MiTH
13-16. Taiwan TPCU
13-16. Georgia WMGC
13-16. South Africa PROTEA

We would like to thank I-eSF and PGL organizers for making this trip possible, and also to our sponsors and partners: HyperX, LENOVO, Logitech, NVIDIA, Pfanner, LEG1ON, Esportclothing and TP-Link.

The delegation will return to Romania in three days.

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