Nexus.LoL in the romanian IeSF final against CPH.

POSTED BY nxsklassen September 15, 2017 in eSports
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Our League of Legends squad is facing today, in the romanian IeSF final counting for the LAN finals that will take place in Busan, South Koreea on 8th november, team CPH. The best of three final is taking place offline at the PGL Studios in Bucharest. Our team lineup for this event is: Bulletproof (top) – Speedy (jungle) – Emi (midlane) – 2axes (adc) – Ang (support).

Later update:

At the moment the score is 1-0 at games in favour of our team. After some ping related problems and two remakes, the second game have started.After a 27:15 minutes game, our team wins the second game, and also the tickets to Busan.

Congratulations to the guys!


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